Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk, orange vuittonite coated - mtt2015-39
SKU: 2015-39

Trunk Louis vuitton Wardrobe in orange vuitonitte.
• Its canvas is coated and orange (re-coated)
• Its jewelry (Lock and clasps) is in solid brass
• The angles are in leather
• The 6 drawers have their leather handle (handles redone)
• This trunk has its shoe suitcase
• The wardrobe is with the man and woman hangers

Hauteur Product Heigth 56CM
Longueur Product Length 56CM
Largeur Product Width 114CM
Revêtement extérieur Vuitonitte orange

Louis Vuitton trunk wardrobe in orange vuitton

Wardrobes (or wardrobe trunks) at Louis Vuitton and their history, you can find it here

These trunks are real dressing rooms, to be used without moderation, in your bedroom, hall or guest bedroom

The hangers are specific for men, in order to hang the costumes perfectly

and those for women, with a rounded bottom, to store the dresses, with as few folds as possible.

Indeed, we hung the dress then we made the bottom of the dress turn around the rounding,

to reassemble the fabric and not let it hang and crumple at the bottom.

The drawers allow you to store your belongings very carefully by type of clothing.




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