Louis Vuitton automobile trunk, dark red R2484 SOLD VENDUE
SKU: R2484

Louis Vuitton automobile trunk, dark red (1917-1921) SOLD VENDUE
• Its handles are in solid brass
• Its lock is in solid brass
• The clasps are particular for automobile trunks
• Interior and exterior are original

Revêtement extérieur Uni
Hauteur Product Heigth 39CM
Longueur Product Length 86CM
Largeur Product Width 40CM

This Louis Vuitton automobile trunk with its red canvas is typical (1917-1921) SOLD VENDUE

Automobile trunks in history

The cars were made to order, and did not initially have a trunk. By specifying the details of the order of your car, you then choose your car trunk, to make storage box.

The history of Louis Vuitton automotive trunks

They are numerous and of different forms. They exist in varnished mahogany wood, in black, red or monogram coated canvas.

The range goes from concave trunks for vehicles from the 1910s to more contemporary suitcases, including those with a square shape, for yellow cruising.

We are selling two other car trunks that are black, one with its tailor-made suitcases.

Click here for the history of the different types of Vuitton trunks






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