Steamer trunk Louis Vuitton R2796
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Steamer trunk Louis Vuitton
• The angles are made of metal
• The handles are made of metal
• The canvas is stencilled monogrammed
• The lock is made of brass
• Its interior is original

Revêtement extérieur Monogramme LV
Hauteur Product Heigth 57.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 110.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 60.0000CM

Louis Vuitton stencil steamer trunk, 1909-1914

His history

This Louis Vuitton trunk has its canvas with the acronyms representing the Louis Vuitton company. The acronyms of the monogram were created on the coated canvas, with a stencil. Then, the stencil was removed and the craftsman began to paint a few centimeters further. It is a real craft work of the time. The interior label tells us that this monogrammed trunk was manufactured between 1909 (Lille store) and 1914 (Champs Elysées store which is not on this label).

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The monogram has been the emblem of this company since 1896. It is said that it was from the bathroom tiles in Vuitton's family home in Asnières that inspiration came to create this emblematic logo and known worldwide.

Its use

The mail trunk is ideal for serving as a dresser, end of bed, coffee table depending on the height of your seat, against the sofa, under a window, in your hallway. We always need storage.




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