Louis Vuitton Steamer Zinc trunk (R1729)
SKU: R1729

Louis Vuitton Zinc trunk
• This trunk was found partially destroyed
• We changed the whole Zinc
• The interior has also been refurbished
• It has its original key and lock

Revêtement extérieur Zinc
Hauteur Product Heigth 58CM
Longueur Product Length 90CM
Largeur Product Width 52CM
Revêtement extérieur Zinc

Louis Vuitton Zinc trunk

The history of steamer trunks at Louis Vuitton

This Louis Vuitton trunk is in a format called "steamer". This comes from the travels of the time.

When a family went on a trip, which was reserved for people of a very high social level, the house staff prepared the things to take to the trunks.

For the record, a couple with two children left with about fifty trunks :-)

In a dedicated notebook, the maid wrote down what she had stored in each trunk. This is why many trunks are numbered.

It was then the transporter, called at the time the "courier" in french, who came to pick up the trunks to bring them to the resort.

What can explain the zinc material on this trunk

Typically used for explorers, zinc trunks were designed because this material made it possible to insulate things from humidity.

The circumference of the cover (brass on this piece) also made it possible to protect from raindrops.





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