Green Moynat Vintage Trunk - Elegance and Authentic Heritage
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Moynat Vintage Trunk - Green Elegance and Authentic Heritage

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Moynat Vintage Trunk - Green Elegance and Authentic Heritage

Discover the exclusivity of the Malle Moynat, an exceptional piece with green nuances that combine sophistication and history. This trunk, with its carefully preserved details, carries the essence of luxury in every moment.
Distinctive features :

Elegant Green Color: The green hue of this Moynat trunk is not just a color, it's a statement. It adds a touch of refined elegance, capturing the essence of timeless style.

Solid Brass Jewelry: The solid brass lock and clasp add unparalleled security while imparting a vintage aesthetic. Every metal detail tells a story of quality and attention to finishing.

Leather Handles: The leather handles provide a comfortable grip, highlighting Moynat's artisanal know-how. Practicality meets luxury, making this trunk an ideal choice for distinguished travelers.

Green Lozine Corners: The green lozine corners not only reinforce the structure of the trunk but also add a touch of coordinated color, creating a unique visual harmony.

Original Interior with Label: The preserved interior of the trunk, with its original label, testifies to Moynat's authenticity and dedication to excellence. It's a journey through time with each opening.
History of Moynat:

Founded in 1849, Moynat has embodied French elegance for over a century. Each creation reflects the art of travel and the heritage of an iconic luxury house.
Technical details :

Materials: Canvas, leather, solid brass, lozine
Jewelry: Solid brass lock and clasp
Handles: Leather for optimal comfort
Corners: In green lozine for elegant protection
Interior:, with original label

A Legacy to Take Away:

The Moynat Verte Trunk is much more than a travel accessory; it is a centerpiece that embodies history and sophistication. Order now and take with you a heritage of unparalleled style, signed Moynat.
Why Choose the Moynat Green Trunk?

Authentic original interior with preserved label.
Solid brass jewelry for safety and style.
Leather handles for a luxurious travel experience.
Green lozine corner guards for elegant protection.
Timeless green color for a classic style.




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