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There is several hundreds of different types of trunk
Here we present you standard range, and then, special range of Louis Vuitton's trunks
Important :  ALL presented trunks here have been restored in our workshop.
We only publish our work.

Courrier trunk

Courrier trunk can be in grey canvas, braun or red stripped, yellow or dark damier canvas. 
Monogrammed wooven canvas, stenciled or printed, in natural leather or in Vuittonite colors.

The classical courrier trunk exists from 70  to 110 cm 
Nowadays, in new catalog, Vuitton have them from 90 cm to 110 cm.
It exists for men, High about 50 cm) and for women (high about 65 cm) 
The finishes can be metal borders, lozin or leather

Malle Vuitton damier femerCourrier Louis Vuitton trunk 

malle courrier tisse Courrier trunk with wooven canvas

Malle LV 1930  natural leather

LV courrier trunk in orange Vuittonite


malle LV rayee rougeWooven canvas - courrier trunk


We are often asked in reference .. the price of new trunks is how much for this piece louis Vuitton nowadays?

During this restoration, we had to deal with a trunk Louis Vuitton that had the following defects:


          Here are five secrets about Louis Vuitton trunks that will make you appreciate even more their quality!

The trunk below was brought to us by a customer who wanted to save it

The trunk is almost destroyed :

- All slats are stitched

- The metal is totally rusty

- The canvas is decolated, torn, faded

- Part of the bottom slats are destroyed

- The jewelry is oxidized

It's a trunk we would not have restored in our resale business, but it was a pleasure to bring it back to life.

The customer's sympathy made us break the rule that we set ourselves not to restore more than 30%


Louis Vuitton trunk in its original condition State statement N ° 4

State statement before restoration

This monogrammed hat trunk has a stencil monogram, it is lozine
It has the advantage of having its original lock and having a complete canvas

State statement before restoration

This trunk Louis Vuitton has suffered the ravages of time. It could have even ended its days in a garbage dump
This is a pretty serious case. It seemed interesting to us to restore it.
It is a perfect trunk for a decoration. Originally, it was sold in the 3rd series, ie
in "entry-level" of the time. (see Louis Vuitton catalog 1914)


Louis Vuitton trunk in its original state

State before restoration

In the photos below, we will see, from the beginning, that the trunk is in beautiful original condition

  1. The trunk has all of its original jewelery
  2. The leathers are beautiful, except for a tear of 8 cm and a hole of 15mm diameter
  3. The canvas is not damaged, except on a rear area of 4 cm by 8 cm, located at the back, at the bottom of the trunk.
  4. The interior is the only real problem, since the trunk has been fitted with interior slats, not original and its interior repainted

Louis Vuitton trunk in its original state

State statement before restoration

This trunk has a stencil monogram
It is in good original condition, it is simply dirty and has some glue burning defects
The lozine has slightly blistered in some places, due to heat at some point in the life of the trunk.
The original interior is in perfect condition, odorless, so it will not be necessary to intervene.
- The trunk has its original jewelery
The interior is in good condition, odorless
- Lozine and canvas are complete
Dirt is visible and the trunk is faded

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Purchasing a trunk is a real investment. You do not actually spend 200 euros at a flea market but 2K, 5K, 10K, 25K euros… this is a lot of money, it does require a lot of attention.

On the occasion of the exhibition "Making the Difference: Vermeer and Dutch Art" at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo
, the dairy will travel from Amsterdam to Japan protected in a custom trunk
by Louis Vuitton. This special order would have required a hundred hours of work.

          On the occasion of the Heritage Days on September 15th and 16th, 2018, La Malle En Coin visited the Luggage Museum in Haguenau.
Come watch the video made especially for this occasion and enjoy it for a virtual tour.

For the first time, Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaborated on a capsule collection of ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories and jewelry Fall-Winter 2017.

The building of the Louis Vuitton Foundation (previously Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation, in French "Fondation Louis-Vuitton pour la création"), started in 2006, is an art museum and cultural center sponsored by the group LVMH and its subsidiaries. It is run as a legally separate, nonprofit entity as part of LVMH's promotion of art and culture.[1]





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